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A-List: Springs positioned for top acts

Dave Namesnik just started his seventh week as general manager of the Broadmoor World Arena and the Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts, but he’s already working hard on his No. 1 goal: to bring more A-list entertainment to Colorado Springs.

Namesnik’s predecessor, Dot Lischick, retired May 20 after serving as general manager since the arena opened in 1998. Lischick, an industry icon, set a very high bar; she brought a variety of world-class acts, trade shows and sports events to the 8,000-seat arena.

Namesnik has the chops to continue that record of success, having logged 14 years as assistant general manager of the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland. In fact, he and Lischick have collaborated for the past six years, talking about once a month.

“We kind of just picked each other’s brains to see what’s out there,” Namesnik said, “because it’s all about relationships.” Even though Colorado Springs is a secondary market to Denver, “we can route well with Denver, where artists can play both venues,” Namesnik said. An example is singer-songwriter James Taylor, who played the World Arena on July 18 and appeared at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater in Denver the following night.

Individual artists may have exclusivity agreements with certain venues, but “I can tell you, from my short time here, there’s lots of opportunity for the Springs entertainment market to continue to grow,” Namesnik said.

Along with existing sites like the Broadmoor World Arena, Pikes Peak Center and Ent Center for the Arts, others are helping to put Colorado Springs on the entertainment map — new venues such as Weidner Field and Robson Arena, and projects like the proposed Sunset amphitheater and the renovation of the City Auditorium.

JW Roth, founder and board chair of entertainment company Notes Live, is developing the 8,000-seat outdoor amphitheater in north Colorado Springs.

Roth thinks Colorado Springs’ population growth is at a tipping point that will allow the city to grow in significance as a standalone market.

“I think there’s room now for us to become players,” he said.

Linda Weise, president of Community Cultural Collective, is spearheading the renovation and remodeling of the City Auditorium, which will add several smaller performance and event spaces.

Colorado Springs used to be a place that artists drove through on their way to somewhere else, she said.

“The fact that we now have a portfolio of options makes us a very attractive city for any number of entertainment genres,” Weise said.


Namesnik ran the day-to-day operations and did booking for the 7,200-seat Budweiser Events Center, working with major concert promoters like AEG Presents and Live Nation, as well as smaller, independent promoters.

He’s traveled frequently to Los Angeles, California, and Nashville, Tennessee, and attended numerous industry conventions to meet with agents.

“It’s all about relationships,” he said. “It’s not like the agents or talent are calling us; we’ve got to be proactive.”

Tours often are planned two to three years in advance. “If you’re not on the list that far out, you’re not going to get a date,” he said.

Venues like the World Arena are known as hard tickets — “we have a fixed amount of seats, whereas if you look at, say, Cheyenne Frontier Days, that’s more of a soft-ticket show. Whether there’s 10 people or 30,000 people, they get the same amount of money. We’re constrained on how many seats we can do, so we’re not going to pay as much as one of those big outdoor festivals,” Namesnik said.

Indoor facilities typically do not have as many concerts during the summer, when summer festivals dominate the concert scene, he said.

Tour stops don’t always go to the highest bidder, either. Artist preferences play a big role, Namesnik said.

“They are definitely very picky about the venues they play,” he said. “They may once in a while try something new, and you get that one opportunity to take good care of them and provide a great experience. If you do, they’ll want to come back. If something goes wrong, they might not.”

Namesnik said every staff member at the venues is trained to recognize that living on the road is difficult, to treat artists with respect, and to provide a safe, secure, clean and friendly environment.

“At the end of the day, they want to sell tickets,” he said. “As long as we can move tickets and get butts in the seats, that helps them as well.”

Some artists and promoters already consider Colorado Springs a strong market, he said — “that’s a big reason why I wanted to come here. The Pikes Peak Center is well known to a lot of promoters and agents, and a place where artists love to come.

“Colorado’s a great music state, and I think the sky’s the limit for the market.”


Roth, who also established the 1,000-seat Boot Barn Hall at Bourbon Brothers, aims to make Sunset amphitheater “the gold standard in the amphitheater space.”

“Every venue has two customers,” he said. “The first is the customer buying tickets, and the second customer is the artist. You have to treat both of them equally.”

Roth said he has hired architects and consultants from around the world to design a space that will pamper both ticket buyers and artists.

Located in the Polaris Pointe development, the $40 million amphitheater will boast 60 VIP luxury suites with firepits, four five-star restaurants, a rooftop bar that will serve 150 of the world’s rarest bourbons and sweeping views of Pikes Peak.

Roth’s also building what he calls “one of the most over-the-top artists’ compounds, which will include private dressing rooms, private showers, private meet-and-greet locations, private dining facilities, private kitchen with a private chef and a viewing deck of the entire Front Range. There’s not another like it in America.”

The venue will employ about 300 people, some 175 of them full time, he said.

Original plans called for opening the venue in September 2023, and Roth still hopes for a fall schedule, but the venue’s full operations likely will launch closer to June 2024.

“We’ve completed our financing and we’ve completed our offsite parking arrangements,” Roth said. “But we are still in the Planning Department. I expect to have administrative approval later this month. Within a week or so after administrative approval, we will file our building plans and ask for a permit.”

Roth said there’s no question that Colorado Springs is becoming a more attractive venue for A-list acts.

“I have this conversation a lot with promoters and with big touring acts out of both coasts, as well as Nashville,” he said. “Six or seven years ago, we weren’t considered a market; we were we were considered an offshoot of Denver.

“But today, our population has grown to where the industry looks at us as a market, which now gives Colorado Springs the opportunity to start fishing in a much bigger pond,” he said. “As we grow in significance as a standalone market, there’s room for us to become players.”

Roth said he does not have any bookings yet for the Sunset, but AEG “has been a good partner of ours for the Boot Barn Hall and a good sounding board. We’ve built tremendous relationships with touring acts over the last three years; we’re showcasing a lot of decent size, midlevel 2,000-ticket shows” at the Boot Barn.

Roth will start the booking process for the Sunset in September 2023.

He expects the Sunset to be Notes Live’s crown jewel, but he’s working on half a dozen large and midsized venues across the West and South that will be operating within the next year and a half.

Roth said he thinks the most important thing local venues can do to improve the entertainment scene is to collaborate.

“I want to see our city really flourish in the arts, culture and entertainment space,” he said, “and we want to be a part of that. I want to be a good neighbor and a good friend to the other venues.”

PS_071822 Venues World Arena James Taylor CSBJ photo by Bryan Oller 4 copy 2.jpg

The Broadmoor World Arena is one of the larger event venues in Colorado Springs.


Large spaces alone do not create a thriving cultural and entertainment community, and Weise’s City Auditorium project is adding smaller venues to the city’s portfolio, along with creative workspaces for artists.

According to architect Chris Wineman, plans call for keeping the 200-seat Lon Chaney theater (though its name might change) but moving it to the opposite side of the building and adding dressing rooms, backstage support and AV capabilities.

The main auditorium would be subdivided into a space that would seat about 650 people but could be reconfigured to accommodate up to 800.

The building also will contain rehearsal spaces, classrooms, meeting rooms, new dining options, a recording studio and technological upgrades throughout the building.

“As far as entertainment goes, when you look at a midsized theater like the one that will be in City Aud, this is perfect for the indie artists that now typically drive through Colorado Springs on their way from Albuquerque to Ogden,” Weise said. “Now they can stop.”

The main theater also has an orchestra pit, “so there’s a lot of opportunity for smaller cultural works like chamber operas. We have a number of organizations that are looking at this space to be incubating new works.”

Weise created the Community Cultural Collective, which submitted a winning proposal to the city of Colorado Springs for significant repairs and renovations to the 1923 building as well as improvements to its functionality.

The original expectation was to complete the $52.9 million project by the end of 2024, she said. But unanticipated construction issues, such as having to bring in steel beams one at a time through the roof, have made a second-quarter 2025 completion date more likely.

Weise said she is excited about the new amphitheater and is “thrilled that the City Aud can be part of the conversation in a meaningful way.

“All of this activity, it’s incredibly inspiring,” she said. “I look forward to continuing to work alongside my colleagues, whether it’s the new amphitheater or my colleagues at the Ent Center. All ships rise at moments like this.”

Colorado Springs company behind planned amphitheater announces next move

Notes Live, the entertainment company founded by Colorado Springs businessman J.W. Roth that’s proposed an 8,000-seat outdoor amphitheater on the city’s north side, aims to become a publicly traded company this year as part of a long-term growth strategy that includes multiple new venues.

In an announcement Monday, Notes Live said it plans to raise $22.5 million through a pre-initial public offering — a sale of stock shares before they’re listed on a public exchange. The company has targeted 1.5 million shares to be sold at $15 per share, it said.

  Red Rocks south? 8,000-seat outdoor amphitheater planned in Colorado Springs

The decision by Notes Live to go public and sell stock isn’t intended to raise money to fund its current crop of entertainment venues in Colorado Springs and elsewhere, Roth said in an interview before Monday’s announcement.

Instead, issuing stock and raising $22.5 million in capital would allow that money to be added to real estate holdings and other Notes Live assets — producing a balance sheet of at least $50 million and helping the company qualify to be listed on the national Nasdaq stock exchange, Roth said.

Once on Nasdaq, existing shareholders could sell stock for cash, new shareholders could buy into the company and Notes Live would have an easier time raising capital down the road as it grows the number of its entertainment venues, Roth said.

Notes Live plans to operate in a half-dozen markets by the end of 2023 and expand to six additional markets over the next five years, the company says.

 No airplane? No problem. Colorado Springs indoor skydiving venue simulates the experience

Notes Live, Roth said, already has “internal financing” in place for its $40 million amphitheater, to be called The Sunset, which will be part of the Polaris Pointe mixed-use development southeast of Interstate 25 and North Gate Boulevard in northern Colorado Springs. It’s envisioned as a home for concerts, top-name music performers and entertainment acts.

Roth hopes to obtain permits to begin site preparation work for The Sunset in a few weeks and is targeting a completion of the venue by late summer 2023 so that shows can take place before the end of that year. A full year of amphitheater events would be targeted for 2024, he said.

Roth said he’s already worked to line up additional parking for the amphitheater.

He said he now has agreements in place with Academy School District 20, the Classical Academy charter school and Compassion International ministry to the south and Bass Pro Shops, a nearby Polaris Pointe retail anchor. Their parking lots would provide more than 3,000 off-site spaces for concertgoers, who would be shuttled to the venue, Roth said.

  What’s next for these empty retail buildings in Colorado Springs?

The Sunset amphitheater would join Roth’s nearby Boot Barn Hall at Bourbon Brothers indoor music venue at Polaris Pointe, and his Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse & Tavern and Buttermilk Breakfast & Burgers restaurant.

Roth said Notes Live also has financing lined up for a multi-million dollar entertainment campus that will cover a city block in downtown Gainesville, Ga., northeast of Atlanta. Construction has started on that project, which is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2023.

An 18-acre multi-concept project also is funded and planned in Murfreesboro, Tenn., south of Nashville, according to Roth. A Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse and Tavern, a 20,000-square foot Boot Barn Hall and a 4,500-seat outdoor amphitheater would be part of that development.

In its pre-initial public offering, Notes Live plans to sell shares before Sept. 1 in a private placement and before the company submits an application to the federal Securities and Exchange Commission in the fourth quarter, Roth said.

That application, known as an S-1 form, is part of Notes Live’s effort to go public and is required so that stock shares can be registered with the SEC and eventually traded publicly. The S-1 also lays out the use of stock sale proceeds, the company’s business model and other financial details, according to online posts by financial experts.

The stock offering for the pre-initial public offering is being handled by Donald Capital, a New York-based investment bank, Roth said. About 500,000 of the 1.5 million shares already have been spoken for by investors and the rest should sell quickly, he predicted.

Murfreesboro City Council approves amphitheater project with Bourbon Bros. and Boot Barn

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — The Murfreesboro City Council voted Wednesday to approve a finalized development agreement with Notes Live INC for a new live entertainment campus at the southeast corner of Medical Center Pkwy and Gateway Blvd. The agreement included Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse & Tavern, Boot Barn Hall, and Sunset Colosseum on the Stones River.

Live Notes reports that construction of Bourbon Brothers and Boot Barn Hall is estimated to take 18 months and the amphitheater 20-24 months following design approval by the Planning Commission and Council.

Boot Barn rendering (photo: Notes Live)

“We are excited to finalize the agreement for the high-quality entertainment venture featuring live music in both indoor and outdoor settings,” said Mayor Shane McFarland. “The public-private partnership will add an attractive amenity to our City and elevate Murfreesboro in the Nashville music scene. On behalf of the City Council, I thank Notes Live for making this substantial investment. We can’t wait to see construction and live performances get underway along with necessary infrastructure enhancements to Medical Center Parkway.”

Mayor Shane McFarland and JW Roth, chairman of Notes Live, INC, unveiled plans on May 19, to open a 4,500-seat state-of-the-art, open-air amphitheater in the Murfreesboro Gateway called The Sunset Music Colosseum on the Stones River. The amphitheater will be located on land that Notes Live will purchase from the City.


The venues are expected to hire 200 full and part-time employees featuring weekly concerts and see approximately 800,000 patrons per year

Notes Live reports that the development agreement calls for a number of off-site infrastructure improvements including the extension of Gateway Boulevard to Robert Rose Drive with connection to signalization of Warren Street at Medical Center Pkwy (Fire Station 4). The $7.1 million Gateway Extension Project received unanimous approval from City Council July 21 as part of a reallocation of CIP funding from FY 21-22 Bond Proceeds.

These improvements will include additional signalization, median reconstruction, sidewalk, streetlights, drainage, irrigation, and needed utilities.

JW Roth, Notes Live Founder and CEO, said: “We couldn’t be happier to partner with the city of Murfreesboro. A show at the Sunset on the River will be a live music experience unlike any other. We expect our live streaming and content strategy to make ‘Live from Murfreesboro’ a household name in every living room in America. Along with Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse and Tavern and our indoor concert venue, Boot Barn Hall, Murfreesboro is the perfect place for our next Notes Live campus.”

The annual economic impact of the project is estimated at approximately $50 million ($500 million over 10 years) with an additional $36 million economic impact from construction, supporting 132 jobs and $7 million in wages.

Podcast Episode 63 – Notes Live with JW Roth

Here it is folks! The podcast with the owner of Notes Live, the company bringing the new amphitheater to Murfreesboro, J.W. Roth. We actually did this one our in Colorado Springs, CO – we explain how that happened in the podcast. Mr. Roth answered all the questions you had for him and then some. Make sure you tune in, you don’t want to miss this one!

Venues All Star – JW ROTH

From meat packing to meet-and-greet, JW Roth is following his passion for live music and hospitality by expanding his Colorado Springs Boot Barn Hall concept to other U.S. markets and breaking ground on amphitheaters and music halls in Colorado, Tennessee and Georgia.

Roth is the founder of Roth Industries and now founder and chairman of Notes Live, a new independent player in concert venues. Roth plans to operate a half dozen large and mid-size music venues by the end of 2023. His strategy has been to target markets with growing populations, but a lack of quality music and entertainment venues.

“It has become obvious to me that the consumer of live entertainment has evolved into one that desires a more elevated experience, thus driving venues to create and deliver an elevated offering to include premium seating, state-of-the-art sound, better quality food and beverage as well as easy access to amenities,” Roth said, adding that those extras include high quality restrooms and VIP lounges.

Notes Live has several projects under construction or development. Gainesville, Georgia, will be home to a campus similar to the Colorado Springs entertainment complex, which features a Boot Barn Hall concert venue and Bourbon Brothers restaurant. The company is breaking ground later this year on a $40 million multi-concept, 18-acre campus on the Stones River in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. And Notes Live has finalized plans to begin construction in Colorado Springs on the 8,000-seat Sunset Amphitheater, which is expected to open in the Spring of 2024. The company is also looking at launching venues in Florida and Texas.

“Without question, the greatest highlight of my career is the privilege of working with such a great team of people,” Roth said. “Notes Live has been overly blessed with a rock star team of focused, driven and culturally connected people, and as a result we have been on a rocket ship of growth. Our team gets up every morning committed to serving our customers and building value for our stakeholders.”

New Murfreesboro Amphitheater Property to Begin Hosting Events in Spring 2023, Full Facility Open 2024; Notes Live CEO Sees Traffic Impact as Manageable

Notes Live, a Colorado-based company with plans to build 10 amphitheaters across the country, will soon begin work on its Murfreesboro live entertainment and dining complex after it closes on land purchased from the City of Murfreesboro this December.

The plans for the property include the 4,500-seat open-air amphitheater, known as Sunset Music Colosseum on the Stones River, as well as an indoor music venue, dance hall and event space—Boot Barn Hall—a restaurant called Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse and Tavern, parking and a green space that will connect to Murfreesboro’s existing Greenway trail system, according to Notes Live Founder and CEO J.W. Roth.

After a career in food service distribution—the executive led Roth Industries to become the third-largest prepared food distributor in the U.S.A.—Roth decided to quit working for the company he built and build amphitheaters.

The entrepreneur took some time to speak with the Murfreesboro Pulse and further outline his vision for his Murfreesboro property, to be located on Medical Center Parkway near the Stones River (just across the road from Fountains at Gateway), and his current career in the live entertainment venue industry.

“I’ve spent 30 years selling chicken trying to save money to open venues,” Roth said with a laugh. “I stepped down from leadership roles there [at the food distributor] three years ago; I still own it, though.”

Roth said the concert venue at the Robert Mondavi Winery in California’s Napa Valley really inspired him to get into the live music business. When some restaurant tenants at a Colorado Springs property that Roth owned went out of business, he decided that the property—now the home of the first Boot Barn Hall and Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse—would be his first foray into live entertainment.

“When we started, I said ‘The same stuff you hear in my car, you will hear in Boot Barn Hall’,” he recalled.

It turns out these playlists are heavy in classic rock and country artists.

When asked about some of his favorite musical memories from the Colorado Springs Boot Barn Hall, the first of his live music venues, the first name Roth mentioned was Randy Travis, someone also very involved with the Middle Tennessee area.

Travis recently played the Notes Live venue in Colorado for a Rock the Red Kettle benefit for the Salvation Army in November, and Roth said it has been an honor getting to know Randy and his wife, Mary.

“Easton Corbin kicked off a tour here,” Roth said from Colorado Springs. “Those are big memorable shows. We’ve had Voices of Rock [a classic-rock collective consisting of John Elefante from Kansas, Kevin Chalfant from Journey, Randall Hall from Lynyrd Skynyrd and Charlie Huhn of Foghat], the Bellamy Brothers, Orleans, Tracy Byrd,” Roth continued, clearly enthusiastic about bringing these artists to his venue and playing a part in presenting a memorable night of live music for the audience members.

The property’s Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse “has become a very successful restaurant in Southern Colorado,” Roth said (additionally, Roth’s food distribution business offers packaged pulled pork, meatloaf, meatballs, side dishes and other products to grocery stores under its Bourbon Brothers label).

Shortly after announcing plans for an outdoor amphitheater near the Colorado Springs concert hall, Notes Live unveiled plans for two more complexes containing outdoor amphitheaters, restaurants and indoor venues in Gainesville, Georgia, northeast of Atlanta, and in Murfreesboro.

Roth said he expects Murfreesboro’s Boot Barn Hall to begin hosting events by February 2024, and for the Sunset on the Stones River amphitheater to be in operation by the summer 2024 concert tour season.

However, the Murfreesboro community can expect some concerts, events and fundraisers on the property in the Spring of 2023, “even before construction is complete,” Roth said.

These concert venues in Colorado Springs, Murfreesboro and Georgia are just the beginning for Notes Live; Roth said the company plans to construct a total of 10 amphitheaters within the next five years.

“We are getting ready to make some announcements on Dallas and Oklahoma City,” he said. “The Smokehouse and Boot Barn Hall will all be identical; the amphitheaters will all be similar, all luxurious, but different sizes.

“Making money is secondary to building the most luxurious amphitheaters in the world,” Roth said.

Private, 6-seat firepit suites are an important component of this “luxury amphitheater” concept; Notes Live is currently looking for investors to purchase the rights to these firepit suites, for a price of $285,000 each.

“They are super spacious, the best sightlines in the whole place,” Roth said. “And you get tickets for life! You’re really making a real estate investment with the perk of sitting in your firepit suite at concerts.”

These suite owners can sell or give away their tickets—tickets for every event held at the Sunset on the Stones River venue, all included with the firepit purchase.

Many Murfreesboro residents have raised concerns over additional traffic that the concerts at the Medical Center Parkway venue will bring to the area, but Roth said he expects the site to get vehicles in and out of the parking area efficiently.

“We will be able to empty the parking lot in 16 minutes,” he says confidently. “We have spent a lot of money studying traffic and parking. We are committed to doing what we need to do as far as infrastructure. The last thing we want to do is be a pain.”

Although a concert venue that seats 4,500 “sounds like a lot of people,” even at a sold-out show, that should mean approximately 2,000 cars; ideally even fewer, if some groups of four or more people ride together. Roth points out that numerous churches in Murfreesboro currently put 2,000 cars out onto the city’s roadways in a short amount of time as Sunday services conclude; area big-box retailers see far more cars in their parking lots on any given day.

Roth said he understands that his company is “not going to compete with Live Nation right out of the gate” in the concert venue space, but he envisions Sunset on the Stones River to be an important piece of the Murfreesboro entertainment landscape, an attraction that will also draw visitors from Nashville and other areas, and a place where memories will be made for concertgoers for many years to come.

Notes Live to Open The Sunset, Colorado Springs World Class Music Amphitheater, in 2023

Notes Live, an aggressive new player in the independent live entertainment space, is unveiling plans to open an 8,000 person state of the art open-air amphitheater in the entertainment rich Polaris Pointe development in Colorado Springs called The Sunset. Backed with $40 million in financing and due to open in 2023, The Sunset will host the largest touring acts in the country in style and comfort on the same campus as the company’s current mid-sized music venue Boot Barn Hall. Designed by industry renowned architects, The Sunset will offer an unparalleled view of the sun setting over Pikes Peak, America’s mountain, right behind the stage as each concert begins, flanked by the United States Air Force Academy stadium on the left and the iconic Air Force chapel on the right, as well as amenities like 60 VIP luxury firepit suites, 4 – 5 star restaurants including a signature seafood and chophouse with a top-shelf rooftop bar with carrying over 150 of the rarest bourbons in the world.

Within the next year and a half, Notes Live will be operating a half dozen large and mid-sized premium venues across the country, with the next to open this fall in the booming commuter city of Gainesville, Georgia. The company identifies markets in regions with growing populations but a dearth of high-quality music and entertainment venue, and offers premium concert experiences, complete with unbeatable sound and sightlines as well as elevated food and beverage offerings. “These are some of the fastest-growing cities in America, but the live entertainment options haven’t caught up to the population,” Notes Live Founder and Chairman JW Roth explains. “Notes Live venues will cater to these upscale demographics looking for a place where the overall experience is as good as the music itself.”

Roth first realized his vision of unbeatable music meeting world-class atmosphere with the music venue Boot Barn Hall, located on the same Colorado Springs campus as his restaurants Bourbon Brothers and Buttermilk, A Breakfast Eatery. Since opening in February 2019, Boot Barn Hall has quickly become one of Colorado’s premiere music venues, booking a mix of country and classic rock acts for the upscale demographic that has moved into the area. Roth’s attention to detail informs every decision made in his concert venues, from the tables – all custom-made hightops for an optimal sightline whether the attendee wants to sit or stand – to the state-of-the-art sound systems designed by Martin. “People know that I go over the top, it’s just what I do,” he says. “I want it to be perfect, and I want that perfection to be translated into everything we do.”

Now Notes Live is building on its initial success with a coming slate of new entertainment campuses throughout the south and west. In addition to The Sunset, the company will soon open another venue modeled on the Boot Barn/Bourbon Brothers concept in the booming commuter city of Gainesville, GA, outside Atlanta, and is in advanced discussions with other cities in Florida, Tennessee, and Texas.

Notes Live currently has the backing of over 60 institutional and individual investors. The company works closely with the government bodies in all the areas where it is expanding and is keen on identifying markets where local municipalities have economic development dollars to subsidize development costs directly or through tax incentives. The company has contracted architectural firm BCA Studios who has assembled the best lighting, sound, and design firms across the country, which have helped design iconic live entertainment venues like the Beacon Theatre in New York, Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Roundhouse in London, and Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago as well as worked in sports arenas and stadiums for NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and MLS teams across the country. Companies Notes Live is working with include CD+M Lighting Design Group, Dimensional Innovations, Diversified, Duray J.F. Duncan Industries, ME Engineers, and Theatre Projects.

“I am building an entertainment company that when you think of our name, you think ‘experience,’” Roth says. “There will be no better place to see a concert on earth than at one of our properties”.

Notes Live founder J.W. Roth (Credit: Mike Searle)

For more on Notes Live or The Sunset, contact Mark Satlof (msatlof@shorefire.com) or Hannah Schwartz (hschwartz@shorefire.com) at Shore Fire Media.

More info at https://noteslive.vip/ or at the Notes Live press page: https://shorefire.com/roster/notes-live

Mayor McFarland, Notes Live music entertainment executives, announce Amphitheater partnership, Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse & Tavern, Boot Barn Hall, in 2023

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — Mayor Shane McFarland and JW Roth, Chairman of Notes Live, INC, an aggressive new player in the live music space, unveiled plans to open a 4,500-seat state of the art open-air amphitheater in the Murfreesboro Gateway called The Sunset Music Colosseum on the River. The multi-million-dollar Sunset Amphitheaterwill host large touring acts on a live music entertainment campus featuring amenities including 32 firepit suites alongside stadium-style seating and causal lawn seating. Livestreaming from the amphitheater and the neighboring indoor venue, the Boot Barn Hall, are anticipated. The facilities will be located on the 18.2-acre City parcel located on the southeast corner of Medical Center Parkway and Gateway Boulevard.

Notes Live, INC and City officials have entered into a non-binding Memorandum of Understand and will continue to negotiate binding development agreements that will be brought for Murfreesboro City Council approval.

A video of Notes Live’s proposed Murfreesboro Music Campus Expansion is available here: https://vimeo.com/711039215/9a0d9ecfc9

And livestream today’s press conference, happening now, below:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cityofmurfreesborotn/

YouTube Live https://www.youtube.com/cityofmurfreesboro

Cablecast http://citytvlive.murfreesborotn.gov/CablecastPublicSite/watch/2?channel=1

“We are excited to announce another high-quality entertainment venture to our City featuring live music in both indoor and outdoor settings,” said Mayor Shane McFarland. “Providing final agreements are approved by Council, the amphitheater will be a public-private partnership adding a significant amenity to the area and elevating Murfreesboro in the Nashville music scene. As mayor, I am delighted, along with the City Council, to welcome Notes Live to Murfreesboro in making this substantial investment and we look forward to Notes Live contributing to the community in many ways.”

The proposed $40 million music, entertainment and dining project also includes a Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse & Tavern, an upscale, casual dining restaurant. The full-service restaurant will include a high-quality tasting room, rooftop patio and an integrated large outdoor patio hosting with outdoor fireplaces.

An adjoining Boot Barn Hall will hold up to 1,400 people indoors. It will be modeled after Notes Live’s Boot Barn Hall in Colorado Springs, which quickly became one of Colorado’s premiere music venues after opening in February 2019. Together, the venues are expected to hire 200 full and part-time employees featuring weekly concerts. Notes Live expects to see approximately 800,000 patrons per year across Bourbon Brothers, Boot Barn Hall and the Sunset on the River.

“I can’t tell you how excited we are to be full steam ahead in building our new Murfreesboro campus. We love Murfreesboro and plan to build one of the most luxurious music campuses in the country. We expect our live streaming and content strategy to make ‘Live from Murfreesboro’ a household name in every living room in America,” said JW Roth, Notes Live Founder and CEO.

Murfreesboro is the third live music development for the emerging new player in the independent live entertainment space and is already “recognized as one of the best new music venues in the country.” Notes Live recently announced the opening of an 8,000-person state-of-the art outdoor amphitheater, The Sunset, in Colorado Springs, on the same campus with Bourbon Brothers Smokehouse and Tavern. Additional venues are underway in mid-sized markets with growing populations, including Gainesville, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta, as well as plans to expand into Florida, and North Texas.

Notes Live identifies markets in fast-growing regions with opportunities for music and entertainment with unbeatable sound, sightlines and elevated food and beverage offerings. Murfreesboro is an attractive high-growth area, located along major corridors near the Music City with positive age and income demographics.

“This potential public-private partnership announcement definitely fits our long-term vision for the City. Murfreesboro civic leaders have long set sights on an amphitheater within the City as part of park development including a tentative design on the same property,” said City Manager Craig Tindall. “Music industry professionals have indicated to developers the excitement about Notes Live plans and the belief in its success. The additional media platforms planned to grow from the venues will be an important aspect in meeting the City’s future economic objectives.”

Within the next year and a half, Notes Live will be operating a half dozen large and mid-sized premium venues across the country, with plans well underway to open additional venues in Georgia, Texas, and Florida. Roth’s attention to detail informs every decision made in his concert venues, from the tables—all custom-made hightops for an optimal sightline whether the attendee wants to sit or stand—to the state-of-the-art sound systems included in the design. Notes Live has a proven ability to work closely with the government bodies in all the areas where it is expanding and currently has the backing of over 60 institutional and individual investors.


Notes Live, founded by Colorado Springs-based entrepreneur JW Roth, is the rapidly growing live-entertainment company that by the end of 2023 will be operating a half dozen large and mid-sized premium music venues across the West and South. The company identifies areas with growing populations but a dearth of high-quality music and entertainment venues and offers premium concert experiences, complete with unbeatable sound and sightlines as well as elevated food and beverage options. It currently boasts a Colorado Springs entertainment campus with the Boot Barn Hall concert venue, Bourbon Brothers restaurant, and Buttermilk breakfast eatery and will have launched similar locations in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas by the by the end of 2023, as well as the company’s crown jewel: The Sunset, a state of the art, 8,000-person open-air amphitheater in Colorado Springs that will host the largest touring acts in the country.

Notes Live Founder and CEO JW Roth (Credit – Mike Searle)

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